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    About TTPortal Website    (Top)

                  This website is designed to help you find a business, product or service easily. If you know of a business or service that is not listed, encourage them to get listed. If you have a skill or service to offer, you can also get it listed that others can find you easily.
                TTPortal makes it convenient, quick and easy to find what you're looking for.

    Search Features    (Top)
       Quick Word Search

                  On the TTPortal Homepage, you can enter the name of a product, service, business .., and search for it. There is a list of options which allows you to select a specific type of search.

        A-Z Business Directory

                  On the Homepage, you would notice a list of buttons - each labeled with a letter of the alphabet. (A,B...Z). Each of the A-Z buttons produces a sorted list of businesses (by name) for the selected alphabet letter.

       Category/Subcategory Search

                  On the TTPortal Homepage, there is a list of major categories to help you find what you are looking for. In addition, there is a section below with a subcategories for the major categories.
                Simply select the category or subcategory of your interest, and a list of related ads would be produced. Select the ad of your choice for more details.

       Advance Search

                  On the TTPortal Homepage, there is an option for Advance Search (a button). The Advance Search gives you more options to search by (including phone #). In addition, you can select a specific area and/or category to find your desired product, service, business etc.. 

e.g. you can get a  list of churches or groceries in Barataria; or you can generate a list of Hardware Stores in Scarborough. 

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       Web Search

                  TTPortal also allows you to search the world wide web via affiliate search engines. Simply enter what you're looking for, select web search, and press enter. A window would popup with the results of your search.

Other Features    (Top)
       Weekly / Monthly Giveaways

                  TTPortal has a frequent user promotion.  Under the 'Give Aways' Section on the Homepage you can find more information on how you can be a winner. You can win Cash prizes, products and other gifts. Check it out...

       Community Features

                  Users of TTPortal can sign up for free email, and enjoy other online activities such as MULTILINGUAL chat, e-cards and shopping (coming soon). There is also a message board which communicates directly from TTPortal Administrators.

       Kewl links (Educational, Games, Jokes...)

                  Under the Kewl Links section of the Homepage, you will find links to other interesting websites. Links include education, games, jokes, stories, affiliate programs and much more..

Make TTPortal Your Start Page    (Top)

  If you are using Internet Explorer 5, follow these four steps

   1. Select the TOOLS option in the menu
   2. Select Internet Options
   3. In the first section titled 'Home page', enter (or copy and paste) the following url:
   4. Press OK..

Technical Assistance    (Top)

  For technical assistance, you can email us at







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